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  • Tabata What

    Tabata What?!

    With new exercise programming and fads hitting the crowds each year, it’s hard to keep track of all of the different classes you can now take and how they’ll benefit you. Case in point: Tabata has been around for awhile now,…

  • photo float-center aligncenter

    How to Lose Weight the Smart Way

    by Becki L., Trainer Day after day I work with clients who are trying to lose weight and many of them are under the impression that 1,200 calories is the standard for weight loss. What’s more, many people are taking it…

  • Felicia-featured

    Running for Her Community

    Running the Boston Marathon for Her Community: Felicia Spencer’s Story- In just a few days, Felicia Spencer will be lining up at Hopkinton to run her first marathon. Alongside two other women, Felicia is excited to be running as part…