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  • FitGirl-two-08-08

    Fit Girl: Where Are They Now? PT 2

    We’re back! In our second installment of our Fit Girl: Where Are They Now? series, we caught up with Christine, Meredith, and Michelle on how they’re doing now and what new fitness dreams they’re chasing after lately. We hope you…

  • FitGirl-one-08-08

    Fit Girl: Where Are They Now? PT 1

    When we started our Fit Girl feature exactly one year ago, we had no idea where the journey would take us. We originally came up with the idea of wanting to highlight positive and empowering stories from our members so…

  • July_FitGirl

    July Fit Girl 2015

    From Rebecca S, July Fit Girl-  It would be accurate to say that joining Healthworks was one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made as far as my well-being is concerned. Let’s be clear on one thing, however: my story…