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  • Thanksgiving day table decor

    Healthy Holiday Cooking

    With the holidays nearing, it’s important more than ever to keep your goals in sight! An easy way to do this is by taking control of what happens in your kitchen. Make dishes that are lighter so you can feel good…

  • Exercise2-Bench

    Workplace Warrior Fall 2015: Week 3

    Week 3 – THEME: Strength // Congratulations! We’re going into week 3, which means you’ve passed the halfway mark of the Workplace Warrior Challenge. With this workout, get ready to test your strength. When performing each exercise, be sure to note how hard the…

  • Nov_FitGirlHeader

    November Fit Girl 2015

    From Linda B., November Fit Girl-  Last June, I decided that I needed to step up my fitness. I weighed in at 163 with a BMI over 32 and I knew that I needed to turn things around. My blood pressure…