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  • eventbright_wwc

    WWC Workout Week 1

    Workplace Warrior Workout Week 1 – From Meg Russell, Back Bay Fitness Director Check out Back Bay Fitness Director Meg Russell’s week 1 Workplace Warrior Workout. To view or download the workout below with images click here. Complete 15 repetitions…

  • Halloween candy

    Horrors of Halloween

    Horrors of Halloween – From Rachel Dulberg, Back Bay R.D. Alright ladies, we are all freaking out a little bit over October 31st- so let’s calm ourselves down and make some rules ahead of time! Remember that Halloween ONE DAY-…

  • Fit Girl

    October Fit Girl

     -From Sarah C., October FitGirl I started working out with a trainer in January of 2013, but not of my own accord. The backstory (pardon the pun).  I broke my back in the summer of 2001 (a burst fracture of…