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  • massageroom3

    Cupping Therapy

    What is Cupping? Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses special cups to create suction. This causes stagnant blood to move to the skin surface (creating the purple marks you typically associate with cupping). Uses include treating…

  • sculpt yoga 2

    Sculpt Yoga

    From Ashley Markwood Boston Blogger, Style Grace and Lace Do you remember taking your first yoga class? I sure do. I stumbled into a dim room carrying my water bottle and wearing gym sneakers only to find it was dead…

  • Aug_FitGirlHeader

    August Fit Girl

    From Renee O. – August Fit Girl Many “before and after” stories begin with a picture of a medium or large or very large person on the left, and a smaller version of that person on the right. For me, the…