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  • Benefits of Exercise

    7 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

    - From Jen Santiago, Personal Trainer // Many people hit the gym to improve their heart health, gain muscle strength, and of course get a rockin’ bod but working out has numerous hidden benefits. No matter one’s age or fitness…

  • Power of Snacking

    The Power of Snacking

    With a little planning and the right combinations, snacking is the perfect way to keep your metabolism humming, energy levels high, and cravings at a minimum. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just be healthy, snacking should be…

  • Oscars Workout-FI

    The Oscars Workout Game

    Are you tuning into the Oscars tonight? We’ve created this fun workout game just for you! Between the red carpet, long speeches, and commercial breaks, there’s plenty of time to break a sweat during the show tonight. Think you can…