Fit Girl


Do you have a success story of weight loss, endurance, strength, or personal growth that you want to share with the Healthworks community? Share your journey with us for your chance to become the next Healthworks Fit Girl. To apply, send your story and a before and after picture (or a photo you feel best represents your fitness journey if the before/after concept does not apply) to

Each Fit Girl of the month will be featured in a monthly email to members and  receive one month dues for FREE and other great prizes! Submissions are accepted at any time, and the chosen Fit Girls will be announced each month.

Meet some of our previous Fit Girls:


February Fit Girl: Claudia R.


January Fit Girl: Ashley Rose S.

February Fit Girl: Lorianne M.

April Fit Girl: Brooke

June Fit Girls: Nancy & Jillian

July Fit Girl: Zinah A.

August Fit Girl: Renee O.

September Fit Girl: Eleanor M.

October Fit Girl: Dawn S.

November Fit Girl: Amber H.


January Fit Girl: Nicole H.

February Fit Girl: Emily W.

March Fit Girl: Cara H.

April Fit Girl: Christine G.

May Fit Girl: Michelle S.

June Fit Girl: Mera S.

July Fit Girl: Rebecca S.

August Fit Girl: Sarah H.

September Fit Girl: Darnisa A.

October Fit Girl: Margaret W.

November Fit Girl: Linda B.

December Fit Girl: Melissa R.


July Fit Girl: Natasha P.

August Fit Girl: Marilyn L.

September Fit Girl: Betsey B.

October Fit Girl: Sarah C.

November Fit Girl: Constance

December Fit Girl: Meredith