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Healthworks Mission: To be the leader in women's health and wellness by providing exceptional experiences through fitness, service and support throughout our clubs and the community.


Phone Numbers

  • Healthworks Corporate Office: 617.859.8700
  • Healthworks Back Bay: 617.859.7700
  • Healthworks Cambridge: 617.497.4454
  • Healthworks Coolidge Corner: 617.731.3030
  • Healthworks Chestnut Hill: 617.383.6100
  • Republic Fitness: 617.379.5800
  • GymIt Watertown: 617.923.4441
  • GymIt Comm Ave: 617.208.4555

  • MIS: 617.500.1700
  • DSCI Customer Care: 877.344.7441


All information previously on this page has been relocated to the Healthworks Intranet which is accessible from any Healthworks computer.  If you are unable to locate information previously available on this site, please email Tina Counihan.

updated on 4/20/15