Personal Training


Named the “Best Trainers in Boston” our personal training staff is ready to assist you in creating a game plan to achieve your personal fitness goals. Not only will they help you to stay motivated, but they will teach you how to exercise safely and sort out fitness fact from fiction. Recovering from an injury, or looking for specialized private yoga or pilates instruction? We’ve got you covered there, too!JCP_6_17_16__MG_2567


We have several levels of personal trainers at Healthworks, briefly outlined below.

Level I:
Certified Personal Trainers who develop client programming specific to the needs of each individual.  If you are looking to begin a personalized training program to develop the foundations of fitness with a focus on progression, the Level I trainer is right for you.  Our Personal Trainers will motivate, support, and monitor your program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Level II:
Certified Personal trainers with experience and practiced skill designing and implementing one-on-one programs to meet your specific fitness goals.  Level II Personal Trainers are seasoned professionals with 3+ years of experience who develop programming for those with injuries and health limitations.  If you are looking for someone to help you recover from an injury, who specializes in Pre/Post Natal training or to push you to your next level of fitness, Level II trainers are here to help you meet your fitness goals.

Level III:
Certified Personal Trainers with advanced skill, multiple certifications and 5+years of experience.  Level III Personal Trainers are capable of training clients at any level. If you have a medical condition or physical limitation, you may feel more comfortable partnering with a Level III trainer.  In addition, our Level III trainers can help you prepare for any event or race.

Level IV:
Highly trained and experienced Certified Personal Trainers with 8+ years of experience.   In addition to their commitment to our members, our Level IV trainers provide mentorship and education for our team of Personal Trainers.  If you are looking for a trainer with superior skill and knowledge in the fitness field, then a Level IV trainer is the right choice for you!

Get to know the training team and check out their individual bios!

Not sure where to start? Simply complete the Request a Trainer Form or contact the Fitness Director at your club.

Fitness Directors:
Back Bay: Elena Dicenso
Coolidge Corner: Brooke Hirsh
Cambridge: Vicki Blais
Chestnut Hill: Laura DeVincent


Auto Renew

We also offer an Auto Renew program, which was created to provide our loyal clients who are committed to the personal training program with a consistently lower rate. We find that our Auto Renew program bring convenience to clients, allowing sessions to be renewed without continually repurchasing. Please email your club’s fitness director for more information.


Training Referral Program

Are you currently a personal training client? For every friend you refer who purchases 5 or more training sessions, you and your friend will each receive 20% off your next package. Please note this cannot be combined with another offer. Click to start referring!


Semi Private Training

In addition to private personal training, Healthworks also offers Semi Private Training! Semi Private Training consists of only 3-5 participants with personalized programming. You can form your own group with 2-4 friends or you can ask your trainer to form a group for you. Simply contact your fitness director to get started.



teamTRAINING at Healthworks is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. Our nationally recognized certified trainers lead these groups focusing on individual strengths, goals and fitness levels of the participants. Read more…