Self Defense Training

Community Self Defense Training for Women

Why Healthworks started the Self Defense initiative:

Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women can no longer stand by as women in the Boston area fall victim to acts of violence.  We continue to be deeply troubled by the horrific murder of valued Healthworks member, Amy Lord, on July 23rd, 2013 and by other acts of violence against women in the greater Boston area. As one of the largest communities of women in the city, we want to empower women by providing training and resources to learn how to protect against violence.

We launched this initiative with our inaugural Community Self-Defense in Copley Square on September 12th, 2013 and a series of over 25 self-defense classes in the Boston area.

You can see the coverage that this event received from NECN here.

This year we continue the initiative with our third annual Community Self-Defense in Copley Square on September 16th. You may RSVP to this event now.

View the photo gallery from this event.

The Healthworks Community Self-Defense Initiative is made possible by partnerships with the Boston Centers for Youth & Families, the Boston Police Department, the Brookline Police Department, Healthworks Community Fitness, Athleta, and IMPACT, a unique personal safety and self-defense curriculum.



This page will continued to be updated with details on upcoming training series. Updated 9/14/2015.