The most effective way to improve your cardiovascular efficiency, scorch calories and increase endurance.  teamBURN coaches will have you BURNing calories and blasting away fat, with high intensity cardiovascular intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning training. Cardio circuits involve sprints, gradient drills and endurance intervals. All fitness levels welcome.

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Member Rates

teamBURN is available in 8-week season and single session formats.

8 Week Season Rates: (50 min)
1 Session/Week for 8 Weeks: $168
2 Sessions/Week for 8 Weeks: $336
3 Sessions/Week for 8 Weeks: $504

Single Rates: (50 min)
Single Session: $30
Five Sessions: $130 (*Expires in 60 days)


What our members say!

“I thought I pushed myself hard when I come to the gym, but every BURN class I attend challenges that notice.  Being in a class really helps me push myself against my classmates and helps me push them to have a productive class.  At the same time, a small class size allows for your instructor to really stay on top of you and guide you if you are performing the exercises incorrectly, to maximize the value of the class!!  I especially love cycle BURN, it combines everything I love about a ride!  Class with the intimacy and challenge of personal training, that’s why I keep on coming back to BURN classes!” – Healthworks Member

“BURN is the best workout!  It’s made me faster and stronger. The workouts are always fun and challenging and it’s obvious the staff puts a ton of thought into every workout.  Burn has helped me become a more competitive runner.  Meg J’s endurance burn has taken my training to the next level!” – Tara M. Cambridge Member

“Thanks to Monika and her BURN classes, I am seeing a great improvement in the way I feel and look. The energetic classes motivate me to push myself to a higher level. I feel great and my clothes agree……thanks!!” – Hope X.  Coolidge Corner Member

“teamBURN — kept me from burning out! About a year ago, I was feeling a bit of an exercise slump coming on. With encouragement I joined Claudia Busto’s eight week BURN TT. It provided just what I needed at exactly the right time. The combination of cardio and strength training, with a small cohort of women, fueled by Claudia’s exceptional coaching, helped me to try something new and build stamina and confidence as an outcome. I am not a runner, and while I may never run a marathon (though perhaps a 5k), I have experienced an overall growth in my fitness level and commitment to my routine. I absolutely attribute my shift to my participation in BURN. I highly recommend BURN to anyone who desires a boost, introduction of a new routine, seeks peer support and energy, and wants to work with a educated and motivating trainer. Since beginning BURN last year I have not looked back and it is a consistent part of my fitness routine at Healthworks. Thank you Claudia for your awesomeness!” – Amy R. Cambridge member

Ready to book? teamBURN seasons and single sessions can be booked through our member portal or contacting your club’s fitness director.