Take your workouts to the next level with Healthworks 8-week teamTRAINING programs. Whether you are looking to increase strength, lose body fat, intensify your workouts or train with a like-minded group of focused women, our nationally recognized personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals.

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New seasons launch March 2017!

Check out the schedules for seasons AND single sessions below:

Back Bay  | Cambridge  |  Chestnut Hill  |  Coolidge Corner



Hard-hitting cardio intervals, intense strength and bodyweight exercises are fused together for this challenging workout. This program designed by Boston Best Personal Trainers  is guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished, strong and powerful!  teamTRAIN is customized to help you break through your personal fitness boundaries.


Turn up the heat with the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular efficiency, scorch calories and increase endurance.  Our teamBURN coaches will have you BURNing calories and blasting away fat, with high intensity cardiovascular intervals paired with total body strength and conditioning training. Cardio circuits involve sprints, gradient drills and endurance intervals. All fitness levels welcome.

Specialty teamTraining


An intense full body workout, this class incorporates drills to build power and strength, as well as cardio intervals. Learn boxing techniques and progress into more intense workouts each week. No prior experience necessary- just come prepared to channel your inner fighter.


Learn how to optimize your workouts with kettlebells. One of the most versatile fitness tools today, they will give you an all-over body conditioning workout and build your endurance. No matter what your kettlebell level is, you’ll be challenged with this blend of cardio and strength training.


Kick, jab and hook your way to a more powerful self with this kickboxing class that invites all levels into the ring.


Tone and tighten for your big day with exercises specifically designed to get you wedding ready. Walk down the aisle in the best shape of your life and have energy to spare for the dance floor.


Whether you want to stay in shape during your pregnancy, or regain your pre-baby fitness level afterwards, this pre and post-natal program is a serious workout offered in a supportive environment. Toning exercises, core work, and cardio are incorporated to help both new moms and soon-to-be moms safely and effectively target all the specific needs of a changing body.


A positive, safe way for kids to make new friends and learn from an early age the benefits of having an active and healthy lifestyle. Fun group, partner, and team exercises will boost their speed, strength, agility, endurance, and athletic ability, all while making them laugh and have a total blast! All fitness levels are welcome.


This program will help you shed those last few pounds, or support you on a longer weight loss journey. Created by our best trainers to help you succeed, you will be provided with consistent support to help you achieve your goals. A complete evaluation and Resting Metabolic Rate analysis, development of a personalized workout plan, online exercise tracking, and menu planning are all included. teamDrop10 is only available in 2 sessions per week/ 8-week seasons.  All fitness levels welcome. 


Pilates reformer conditioning develops core abdominal and back strength by working from the inside out, helping you build optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture, without building bulk or stressing your joints. Currently available at Chestnut Hill, Back Bay and Coolidge Corner. Pilates Reformer pricing varies from other teamTRAINING programs.