Founded in 1977, Healthworks operates with over three decades of experience and expertise in women’s fitness. We are proud to be considered Boston’s premier fitness centers for women with over 15,000 members, 500 plus employees, 4 locations, and 2 non-profit fitness centers.

Our goal at Healthworks is to create a community centered on leading healthy and balanced lifestyles. Our members enjoy hundreds of group classes each week, a team of qualified personal trainers, a spa-like atmosphere in the locker rooms, and a wide variety of equipment. Our staff is fully dedicated to providing personalized and progressive fitness programming specifically for women.

The Healthworks community extends far beyond the fitness centers’ walls by connecting with local restaurants, boutiques, salons and various other local establishments to host fun events and provide our members discounts and incentives. We have an active following on Twitter and Facebook, allowing us to stay connected with our members. We strive to continuously bring value to our members and fans through our social media channels by updating them on the newest health and fitness trends, providing delicious recipes, exercise ideas, or inspirational quotes.

A large part of who are we is focused on giving back to the Boston community. In 2002, Healthworks Community Fitness was established as a non-profit fitness center in Dorchester. In October of 2008, Healthworks Community Fitness expanded to a second location at Codman Square. The organization is dedicated to providing high-quality fitness opportunities for women and children in low-income neighborhoods in an effort to prevent and treat chronic diseases, improve health and fitness, and promote well-being and empowerment. A percentage of Healthworks total annual profits go towards funding Healthworks Community Fitness. Learn more about how you can help make a difference and volunteer!