Workplace Warrior FAQ

Healthworks’ Workplace Warrior Challenge // Frequently Asked Questions

What types of goals do we work toward? Are the goals individual to each participant or for the whole team?
The team who wins the grand prize will receive a $600 team shopping spree to Athleta. The grand prize winner is based on total attendance for each team. If there is a tie, we will draw the winner randomly.

Individual team members can also win 1 free 50-min massage if they visit the club 10 times during the Workplace Warrior Challenge. They will be able to keep track of their progress with a punch card. Only one punch per day is allowed.

What Healthworks programming do we participate in?
Each “Warrior” team members will have weekly sessions with their designated personal trainer (you will meet as a team), 4 teamTRAINING single sessions, and unlimited access to group fitness classes.

“Challenger” team members will receive 4 teamTRAINING singles, unlimited access to group fitness classes, and a trainer assigned to the team for support.

Additionally, all non-members receive complimentary access to the club during the entirety of the challenge.

Do all team members have to work out at the same Healthworks location?
You must workout at the same club for your Warrior group personal training sessions. You may workout at different clubs for your individual sessions.

What is the cost to participate?
There is no fee to apply or participate!

Can a team be comprised of all non-members or all members?
No. A team must have no more than two members.

What days/times do the group personal training sessions take place?
The group personal training session day/time will vary per team. You will note your time preferences in the application process.

Does the team captain need to be a Healthworks member?

Where do I submit my application materials?
To submit your application, fill out our Workplace Warrior Challenge form!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out us at